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Ethics and Video Games Podcast

Nov 22, 2022

Most players think that loot boxes (essentially randomized rewards schemes) are a form of gambling, and many are concerned that they’ll bring the same dangers of gambling to gaming.  Some have called for governments to regulate loot boxes in games as they do with other forms of gambling.  What have governments done about this?  Has any of it worked?  Is any of it necessary?


Our guest for this episode is Leon Y. Xiao, PhD Fellow at the IT University of Copenhagen and a Visiting Scholar at the School of Law of Queen Mary University of London. He researches video game law, particularly the regulation of loot boxes, a quasi-gambling monetisation mechanic in video games. He has appeared before the Law Commission of England and Wales and submitted policy recommendations to the Spanish, Singaporean, and UK Governments. His research has been covered by both mainstream and video game media, including The Guardian,, Gamespot, Eurogamer, and Game Developer, amongst others



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Hosted by Shlomo Sher, Ph.D. and Andy Ashcraft

Production by Carmen Elena Mitchell

Music and graphics by Daniel Sher