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Ethics and Video Games Podcast

May 25, 2021

How do some games create ethical reflection in players?

We think about how it’s done, then create a high-level design idea on-the-fly for a game we think would give players lots of opportunities for ethical reflection.  



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May 18, 2021

Intel announces the creation of an audio filter targeted for video games that will give players the power to do things like choose to hear only “some” misogyny or white supremacy. What???  And Steam bans yet another game - Super Seducer 3.  Were their reasons for doing so good ones?  Do they have a morally...

May 11, 2021

In 2009, 6 Days in Fallujah, the first major studio release of a game about a real ongoing war was “cancelled” 3 weeks before its release date.  Now, in 2021, there’s a new 6 Days in Fallujah game and the trailer is out.  Is this a more responsible version of the game’s concept?  We think it’s a brave...

May 4, 2021

Games are sometimes criticized not just for having some immoral aspect like too much violence or unnecessarily sexualization, but of being morally bad games.  And if a game is immoral, then we might want to think about banning of restricting it in some way. 

But how can we decide if a game is immoral or not?  In...