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Ethics and Video Games Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

One way to think about games is as experiences tailored to give us agency – to provide us with clear values and motivations and then force us to overcome obstacles in pursuit of those values and motivations.  Engaging our agency in a variety of ways, games can make us more free, but in ways that also pose interesting new dangers for us.


Our guest is C. Thi Nguyen, who used to be a food writer, but now is a philosophy professor at University of Utah. He writes about trust, art, games, and communities. He's interested in the ways that our social structures and technologies shape how we think and what we value.

His first book is Games: Agency as Art. It was awarded the American Philosophical Associations 2021 Book Prize. It’s about how games are the art form that work in the medium of agency. 



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Hosted by Shlomo Sher, Ph.D. and Andy Ashcraft

Production by Carmen Elena Mitchell

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