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Ethics and Video Games Podcast

Apr 12, 2022

There’s lots of research going on about video games.  Some of it involves product testing like VR games or the effectiveness of interfaces.  Some of it looks at the impact of gaming on players for things like violence, sexism, and addiction.  What ethical concerns come into play when doing research like this on live human beings like you and I?


Ashley ML Guajardo is an associate professor of Entertainment Arts and Engineering at the University of Utah where she teaches game design and games user research. When she isn't researching Twitch streamers or Twitch streaming herself, she serves on the Institutional Review Board and is currently co-directing the #gamesUR Summit 2022- the largest conference for games user researchers.

Ann Johnson has degrees in biology, chemistry, and public health, and her career is making sure people who volunteer to be in research studies are as safe and respected as possible.  She's  the Director of the University of Utah's IRB & Human Research Protection Program



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Hosted by Shlomo Sher, Ph.D. and Andy Ashcraft

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