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Ethics and Video Games Podcast

Jun 29, 2021

When people point out sexism in games and game culture, the classic suggested prescription is that game companies need to hire more women.  The idea is that more women in game companies will bring a voice to call out sexist aspects of games, and bring a greater demand to protect female players from a somewhat toxic gaming culture.  Women make up about half of players, so why are there still so few women working in video games? 

An important part of the problem is how sexism can creep into the hiring process even when game companies try to just hire the best qualified candidates.  We discuss this issue with our very first guest, Celia Hodent – user-experience  (UX) designer, writer and speaker. 

Dr. Hodent has a PHD in psychology, and has worked for Ubisoft, Lucas Arts and Epic Games.  She’s the author of “the Gamer’s Brain” and “The Psychology of Games” and has excellent webinar about how our implicit biases hinder our efforts to make our industry more diverse.

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Hosted by Shlomo Sher, Ph.D. and Andy Ashcraft

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